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As we sat one quiet weekend looking at tech products that we were interested in, we were finding it harder than it should be. The prices were not as attractive as we hoped.  And we had no way of knowing if prices were moving up or down anyway.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have all the features of a free price comparison site? And what about knowing how the price has trended so I know if it’s getting cheaper? Wouldn’t it be great for that site to let me know when the price changes to a price I’m happy to pay?

So, it didn’t already exist, so our small team (no big companies here) decided we would do create it ourselves.  The result?  MyTechSense.

It’s my data.  Do you really need to have it?

Great question.  A lot of sites are as interested in your data as they are in selling you something.  Data is the new currency.  We try really hard to minimise our data (saves us some money of data storage too) and are especially aware of not hanging on to personal data we don’t need.  We are more interested in tracking prices than tracking you.


We have kept the site as simple as we can to get you started, and uncluttered from extra features such as blogs, articles and feedback forums.  Did you also note no advertisements?  Once we see that our site does makes sense for our users, or sensors as we like to think of you, and is as useful as we think it is, we know you will generate some great ideas to improve our site and we will be adding direct feedback channels via the site and social media.  Member forums may also be a request we would want to hear.  But for now let’s just allow you to get started sensing your preferred price on your favourite product.

Contact forms

In the meantime we would still love to hear from you or help you if we can using our simple Contact Us form.


We try to keep this bit simple too.  We are not big on using cookies.  Any cookies used on our site are for your current session and we minimise the data to protect your privacy.  The only time we need to know anything about you is when you want to use our Price Alert feature (we love this!) and ask you to fill in a form so we can contact you when we sense your preferred price.  We also appreciate you giving an email address when using the Price Alert or Contact Us feature so we can get back to you.

Please note if you choose to purchase a product from one of our active links you will have transferred to the sellers site and will therefore be responsible for understanding their terms and conditions.  All are great sellers with great sites but not sure their privacy policy will be as simple as ours……

Over time we may invest more in cookies as we look to improve our site and services and we will update any users accordingly.  And if our users wish we may even create a membership section with added features.  But for now we just want to allow you to buy products at the prices you want.


Extra content and goodies

As we have said already we don’t have any plans initially to include any embedded contents of articles or blogs from other sources.  If we feel there is real value, or based on user feedback, we may add this in one day but will try to keep the site based on the simple idea of find a great product, set a price, wait, bingo right price achieved and simple steps to buy it!


Data, data everywhere, in your eyes and in your hair… well not quite but it’s the most common business need today.  Analytics and data seem to be driving the push to our future world so we thought we should take the time to write down how that fits into our simple site.

Do we share your data?

To put it simply, we don’t share data today.  In the future we see that some anonymised data (big word but just means it can’t be traced back to you, the user or sensor!) will be of value to sellers and market players and may create some insights for these players.  It will also obviously help us improve our own services so we do expect to take the opportunity to understand popular products, why people buy when they do, and what sort of discounts interest people.  We are not looking at data related to the individual user.

How long we retain your data

If you sign up to a Price Alert we plan to keep your data for a legally permissible seven years.  Why seven years?  Two reasons.  Firstly, it will allow us to get enough insights so it is valuable to us and the sellers if they wish to use it.  Secondly, most technology products have a short shelf life so not sure we see any value in holding on to data any longer than that, and may even delete information before the seven years.  This data stuff costs lots of money to store! 

Most cookies are session-based so will disappear once we finish your current session.

What rights you have over your data

You OWN your data.  We ask that you allow us to use the minimal data as part of subscribing to the Price Alerts.  Any other data around how users access and use our site can be used by us for analysing insights and improving our service.  We also ensure you can use any of our emails to either unsubscribe from a Price Alert or unsubscribe from any alert communications from us with a single click on a link.

Where we send your data

This is an easy point. We don’t!  We use a local cloud service provider so there is no chance any data, as minimal as it is, heads over seas.

Your Info

This is only used when you subscribe for a Price Alert or use our Contact Us form.  We also like to know how any people have actually used our service so retaining data for that purpose comes in rather handy.  Regulations permit us to keep such information for up to seven years.

Additional information

How we protect your data

We use the modern, cloud-based services to run our sites.  We are big on encryption of our site and the data it uses so no one but clever computers that know and trust each other can read your data.  This environment is dedicated to MyTechSense so we don’t run other sites within the same environment.  We can put in a whole lot of fancy techy words in here bit think you get the picture.

Who pays for all of this?

 We are lucky enough that some, but not all, sellers allow us to be part of their partnership team.  This means that for some sales, or some clicks, on a seller product may provide a small reward for us that we use to keep this site alive and running. We do not receive direct fees by promoting any seller or product above any others.  Our site, and the way it displays all the great products, remains totally independent and there is no bias given to any sellers paying us a reward.  Our priority is the buyers first and foremost and our data is presented in the most helpful way to them, not to push a seller or product.  Sort by price, discount, popularity or latest products in each category without worrying about the paid product appearing before the one of most value to you.

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